Novi trg, Ljubjana

Surface area

52,4 m2

Project year


About This Project

The exceptional location of the apartment in the old city centre of Ljubljana offered several different usage combinations. For the last few years the space served as a photo studio but we transformed it back to its original living function.

This apartment in the historical city centre was designed for a couple with a modern lifestyle that also needs a small working place in the embrace of their home. We approached the project very cautiously, with respect for the historic framework and the location of the building itself.

The floor plan was divided into a daytime living area, a bedroom and a bathroom. Along the entire apartment there is a service line in which we can find a kitchen and built-in cabinets that serve as a storage in the living room area, as a closet for clothes in the bedroom and as a minimalist storage cabinet for cleaners and towels in the bathroom. An interesting element in the living area is a sofa with a built-in dining bench, which together with the rest of the dining table forms a central social space and allows extensions in all four directions when necessary. In the case of guests, we can divide the bedroom with a sophisticated bulkhead curtain which together with the built-in wardrobe on the opposite side forms a walking corridor to the bathroom. The elegant historic shell of the apartment was emphasized on the request of clients with a subtle design in light tones, seemingly rich materials and sophisticated furniture, that together result in a timeless and elegant urban interior.

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