Trebnje, Slovenia


120 m2

Project year


About This Project

Based on the principle of “less is more” we designed a modern interior for a young family in their new house. The building stands on a picturesque hill above Trebnje and with its glazed surfaces opens up views towards the town and the forest that surrounds it on the other three sides. Consequently this was one of the main reasons we designed the interior in quite a minimalist way without anything superfluous. With that the boundaries between interior and exterior and between open and closed have been blurred. The central volume divided into a seemingly floating staircase that opens views on one side and the kitchen storage on the other side, with its openness and connectivity speaks to the before mentioned idea. With a monolithic kitchen island and the kitchen storage we have created the heart of a new home and a new focal point in the living space. The elegant trio of wood, marble and glass is complemented by some black pieces that round out the interior with an almost graphic focus.

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