From the very beginning, we chose a name that clearly reflected our philosophy, and we have remained committed to it untill this very day. We want to remain eternal idealists – someone who is passionate about ideals and acts upon them, even though they are difficult to achieve.


The spelling of the name idea:list studio is multifaceted and carries a hidden meaning. The name represents the relationship between the client and the architect. Between someone who expresses his wishes, needs and vision and the architect who, with the right idea, translates it into reality. These are the two poles of a harmonious whole. The duality of our name represents the most important factor in creating great projects – successful collaboration with the client and the holistic environments we create together. Ambiences that wouldn’t exist without you, just as they wouldn’t exist without us.


Beyond functional and aesthetic solutions, we – idealists are always looking for something more. It could be that ray of sunlight reflecting off the surface and creating soft shadows on the ceiling, or the pleasant feel of the material under bare feet. These are all very important components of ambience that cannot be captured in a photographic lens. These are associations and feelings that are intimate and personal to each user, images that come from the individual’s subconscious. Our desire and our goal is to create bespoke spaces that bring these pleasant feelings to the surface.


idea:list studio is a small architecture and design team founded in 2015 by Urban Pahor, Urša Kres and Tina Begović, all three of whom are Masters of Architecture engineering. We share a similar view of space and the world, a common passion for architecture and, last but not least, friendship. We have accumulated our knowledge and experience in offices in Slovenia and abroad, as technical assistants at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, and at various architectural workshops and training courses.


Our field of activity ranges from architecture, interior design to the design of commercial exhibition and exhibition spaces. In the design of exhibition spaces, we cooperate with our English business partners, Experium, an agency working in the field of integrated trade fair design. Together we have designed exhibition spaces for many foreign and international companies, such as Softgamings, AF Switchgear, Accelya, Barbour, Sportingtech, as well as the national pavilion of Azerbaijan.


Another business cooperation we are extremely proud of is the international company Oracle, which is engaged in the production of database management systems, for which we design the interiors of Centres of Excellence around the world.


Recently, we have successfully experimented with the design of contemporary exhibition spaces and exhibitions, where visitors can learn about a chosen topic in a fun and entertaining way through modern multimedia approaches.


In 2019, we won the BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2019 for the Art Rebel 9 office renovation project, and in 2020, we won the BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2020 for 2 private residential renovation projects.


Whether it’s private clients, public projects, collaborations with small companies or global corporations, our guiding principle remains the same. We approach each project with a lot of research, getting to know the client and their philosophy, “reading” the space and identifying what it allows us to do, so that through conversations with the client we can ultimately create what is a reflection of themselves in the space.

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