Prešernov trg, Ljubljana

Surface area

52,2 m2

Project year


About This Project

The apartment in the very heart of Ljubljana, more specifically in the Prešeren’s square, was basically designed for the purpose of renting it out due to its exceptional location. The old bourgeois apartment consists of a central space and a separate bathroom, while the views from the apartment are opened through the repetitive windows opening to the Castle of Ljubljana, Prešeren’s square and Čopova street.

The new design of the apartment is roughly divided into two parts: in a daily part and slightly raised sleeping part. The specialty of the interior is the “floating” kitchen, which rests on the lifted platform and separates the living and sleeping area of the apartment. According to the examples and typology of old bourgeois housing, it is possible to circulate through different parts of the space.

We have used the panoramic view, which is provided by repetitive windows in the main space, as a main designing idea – with the help of wall graphics, where individual sights and landmarks are marked through each window – this way a visitor gets a first impression and orientation right in the shelter of its temporary home.

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