Kranj, Slovenia

Surface area

128 m2

Project year


About This Project

There was a large woodshed on the plot of the house in Kranj, which no longer served its purpose. Owner of the property wanted to arrange a car shelter, an outdoor kitchen and a multi-purpose space in the first floor, which would then easily adapt to the needs of the owners.

In the design of a new facility, we came from an existing volume of the previous building, which was replaced by a new structure. The main design guide was the typical Slovenian roofed double Hayrack, which is largely open in the lower part, and the first floor is visually closed. The central service part, which at the same time carries the weight of the building, separates the summer kitchen and the room for socializing from the garage. On the first floor there is a multifunctional space, which is able to change according to the needs of the users. With the help of mobile walls, it can be repartitioned when necessary.

The final appearance of the new auxiliary facility leaves many variations that can be visually open or closed, but despite the relatively large square space visually it still takes second place to the residential building.

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