Municipality Pivka


Pivka, Slovenia


682 m2

Project year



Blaž Gutman

Implementation year


About This Project

The space, which had been divided and partitioned several times before, was treated as a whole, forming it as part of a single story. The layout allowed us to divide the content into 3 or 4 parts, where we present the predators of the Dinaric region, their habitat and other related topics through spatial, didactic and multimedia content. In the introduction, where we meet the three main characters of the exhibition, we slowly point out the edge of the forest, which in the next step opens up into a miraculous forest – a sensory space where we explore related themes through the habitat of the three predators.

The previously rough, at first glance rather industrial, exhibition space is transformed conceptually and formally into a forest and the animals inhabit it. Through the colours of the canopy we can observe the seasons, and the didactic content changes in a simultaneous way. The undergrowth, fruits, mushrooms and other inhabitants of the forest, which are also important for the ecosystem, are presented in the different seasons.

As the project continues, the exhibition will be extended through the corridor or road, which represents a rough transition between the rural and urban areas of the space. Here the visitor will be made aware of all the pitfalls and dangers of traffic for wild animals. The last space, the rural space with the urban space in the distance, will be a space of coexistence. In this space, visitors can critically reflect on the themes presented and test their knowledge.

The exhibition offers a wide range of topics, presented in a way that is suitable for different generations – it presents educational topics in a light and playful way, as well as in an in-depth and professional way.

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