Kinomotel d.o.o.


Ljubljana, Slovenija

Surface Area

176 m2

Project year



Blaž Gutman

About This Project

The offices of our client are located in a relatively large but narrow and fragmented space – be it from the design of spaces, from communication paths or materials and shapes drawn in the space itself.

Visually and functionally, we connected the interior with volumes that derive from already existing forms from space itself.

The cube-shaped entrance represents the first pre-existing volume while the circular curtain in a gentle grey colour (the colour chosen as it limits reflections in photography) forms the first new volume. The latter with its clearly undefined edges forms a small recording/photo studio with the possibility of a green background that while visiting the clients don’t even notice when curtains are closed. The third volume, a quarter of a sphere, which is only drawn by its imprint on all three planes represents a continuation of existing semi-circular edges between parquet and epoxy flooring. The imprint on all three planes in turquoise colour clearly indicates to a waiting place for clients and with a small kitchen also a socialising space for employees. On the other side it serves to the needs of a meeting space.

Three initial forms – the first, which already existed in space (the entrance), the second, which is a continuation of the two-dimensional fragmentation of space and was turned into a useful element, and the third, which represents a functional element and derives from the nature of work, outline the concept and graphical design of space.

All other functional elements summarize the same design principle. Upon entering the business premises a composition of angular and round figures/volumes appears on the right side and function as a reception desk, storage space, a divider of service paths and a convenient side place for guests, actors, film crew, etc.

In the central space, where employees’ workspaces are located we placed a figure for hanging office supplies. The latter is mapped on to two planes over the angular shape of a large storage cabinet used for props. The composition of other shapes, which also line up on the long wall and over the corners of cabinets and walls indicates and intuitive path through space. A separate part of the office connects to the central part of the business premises with a volume-designed walk-on cabinets. With the raised passage widening onto the window still, we make a once too narrow passage functional again and at each end of this passage we also get pleasant seats by the window. All this volumes/shapes are connected in a single context and become a graphic whole only when put on a grid, a sort of “millimetre paper” that we designed and used as a wallpaper. This can then serve as a framework/basis for all other elements, such as images, notes and “branding”, which are always placed in the context of the company and the space. A selection of different colours, textures and patterns adds the finishing touches to the interior. The grid pattern of our “millimetre wallpaper” is also present on the elements in the interior (the concept in front of/behind the grid was also used in the graphics, where we played with the placement of shapes and inversions of the grid), another black perforated element divides working spaces from the meeting space, and our custom made wallpaper as well as the one in the form of terrazzo in the little kitchen visually enliven the space and add some playfulness.

With a specific design we have obtained a creative, playful, open and flexible office space, which already upon entering indicates to the company’s image and story.

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