Bežigrad, Ljubljana

Surface area

28,5 m2

Project year



Blaž Gutman

About This Project

An old grandmother’s apartment in a residential block in Ljubljana needed a transformation for the purposes of an active young couple, which, due to the specificity of their professions, needed their workspace in the shelter of a new home as well.

The previous layout of the premises and the existing visual appearance of the apartment was no longer suitable for new users, so we designed a new, modern spatial design, where each space is peaked at a maximum advantage – both in terms of functionality as well as storage space.

The area has a custom-made shoe cabinet and a deep and spacious built-in wardrobe, which serves both top-winter clothing and footwear, as well as a folding stand for hanging linen, vacuum cleaner, cleaners, baskets for dirty linen and other things. The living room is well-used with an L-shaped kitchen, dining table, bookcase and sofa, which can be transformed into a daybed for two people or in an extra bed. Additional folding chairs allow the transformation of the dining corner into a place to socialize in the case of a larger number of guests. In a larger sleeping area we designed a bedroom with a sufficiently large working place for two. Behind the bedroom door is a built-in wardrobe closet, chest of drawers and under the bed there is a spacious drawer stretching over the entire width of the bed, which used for an extra storage. We transformed the bathroom without some big interventions in the aspect of installations – they stayed in the same place. We made some modifications in the floor plan so that there is now room for the washing machine that was previously located in the kitchen, and we also gained room for a bigger shower.

Interior design style of the apartment is a blend of industrial and rustic style. When removing old floor coverings, we stumbled upon an old herringbone beech parquet, which we restored and emphasized that rustic appearance even more with wall coatings in the appearance of white bricks in the kitchen and bathroom. Special rustic-industrial touch creates a combination of materials used in interior: wood, white bricks and dark metal. Carefully selected décor and warm natural accessories such as dried flowers add to an apartment that »cherry on top«, and the room is further enriched by the framed sketches of Ljubljana, which were created by the owner of the apartment.

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