Yoga studio Anamaya




108 m2

Project year



Sanja Milojević, abs. arh.

About This Project

Our approach in designing this yoga studio came more from a body movement, state of mind and primal tactility rather than visual perception. The visual image doesn’t just represent the scenery without material and structural authenticity but embodies the before mentioned attributes. Space gets its plasticity through material choices, a designed path through space connects visitors with their body and finally its natural elements of greenery lead the visitor to a calm state of mind.

When entering the premises, the visitor’s view is immediately attracted to an illuminated green oasis that on the one side represents a barrier between the teahouse and the yoga studio, and on the other side sensually connects both spaces. Views into the yoga studio are obscured by mirrors that are placed in the green oasis and visually extend the space whilst still limiting the visual connection between two main parts.

Frames along the wall of the yoga studio and the teahouse unify space by serving as seats, storage or showcases of natural products from special offers. The entrance from the teahouse to the yoga studio is modelled after Eastern philosophies with a heavy door and a step that lets visitors move into another mental state.

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