Art Rebel 9


Poljanska street, Ljubljana

Surface area

553 m2

Project year



Blaž Gutman

About This Project

The new business premises of ART Rebel 9 in the very heart of Ljubljana have offered solutions to what was in previous offices disturbing: a fragmented floor plan through several floors of an old bourgeois villa and therefore poor communication between Individual teams within the company. The main guide to creating new premises was the desire of an investor for an open plan where communication would be easier and simpler while ensuring enough peace and intimacy for employees.

The design of the space is therefore derived from the way the various teams in the company work and communicate between themselves. In an otherwise open office type that allows faster and more effective communication between employees, the floating sound and visual barrier provides the desired privacy in the workplace. The curtain space is divided into smaller workspaces, which is visually not crumbled by the design of the furniture elements. Continuous design of winding lights, curtains and bulkhead cabinets, the eye of the beholder takes you through the space by the point of the entrance and outlines the sense of depth and size of the room.

The floor plan is organized according to the needs of the employees and the specificity of their work. Daylight is disturbing in their work, so the joint workspace is placed in the central part of the floor plan, while at the circumference the offices of the managers, the meeting room and the service spaces. The space is integrated all the way from the highlighted entrance through the staircases (the old staircase is disguised as a yellow foot sheet) with a “yellow thread” of elements, which appears in the central part of the 50 metres long light, which winds over employees’ spaces.

The old exotic parquet was fully refurbished on request, because of its special and lively appearance, it dictated a later selection of colour palettes of furniture and other design elements which are fairly neutral in the workplace (due to disruptive reflections of light are dominated by neutral white and grey colour), and the accents in the space are mainly in yellow and red shades which are the basic colour of the company’s overall graphic image.

Flexible installations on the ceiling, mobile work places and joint green and colourful »lounge« spaces allow adjustments to the needs of the company. They transform from common spaces, polygons to test new technologies, showroom and back to work places. The final playful image of the office thus represents an innovative and creative vision of the company.

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